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AirGaviota School


Welcomes you.

AirGaviota-VA welcomes you to the help site. Here you will find 
important aids for using the website. 
In case you do not find what you need please contact us 
and we will give you personalized assistance. 
You will also find here the download section, inside you will find 
the textures for some models. 

Watch the AirGaviota Gallery 

We have more than 110 routes and will continue to increase and update them
OVER 5 YEARS on line

To access the sections of the website, 
you must be member of AirGaviota-VA.
By clicking the SignUp button,
you will go to the registration page,where
you will be asked for some information.
In order for your application to be accepted,
your name and your email must be the same as
those used in AirGaviota-VA

Are you a painter and want to help out.   
Thank you. Let us know how can you help.


AirGaviota - VA is a virtual Airline

We are a group of aerial simulation enthusiasts. We do not sell or issue any kind of real air tickets.
We have no commercial relationship or agreement with any actual air carrier.

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